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    Master's Gown with Bat-Wing Sleeves

    This Masters gown is traditionally styled with bat-wing sleeves. The gown material is made of a 100% matte finish woven polyester. It is a heavier weight and completely opaque. The gown features two wide front pleats, and a zipper front. This gown is only available in black.

    This is the perfect gown for student's graduating with their Master's degree, or for faculty members who have earned their Master degree and attending a commencement at the school where they work. 

    Complete the outfit by adding a cap and tassel found here. A hood is also a great addition to this gown, and can be found here.

    Product Care:

    - Do not iron or machine wash/dry any of our products

    - Hand wash only in cold water; hang to dry, or can be dry-cleaned

    - Use a light/cool steamer while gown is on hanger, or gently cool iron

    - Avoid heat, as it will damage the material

    - We are not responsible for any damage caused as a result of washing or removing wrinkles

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