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    President's Gown

    This beautiful President's Gown features 4 velvet chevrons on both sleeves, as well as chevrons down the center and up around the yoke. The fourth chevron is what distinguishes this gown as particular for a President or Chancellor. It features lined open bell sleeves with pleated shoulders and yoke. The gown material is made of a matte finish woven polyester, and has a zipper front. It is a heavier weight and completely opaque. This gown is only available in black, with black velvet.

    This distinctive gown is ideal for the President or Chancellor of a college, university, or other academic institution.

    Complete the outfit by adding a tam. The tam comes with a gold bullion tassel. A hood is also a great addition to this gown, and can be found here.

    Product Care:

    - Do not iron or machine wash/dry any of our products

    - Hand wash only in cold water; hang to dry, or can be dry-cleaned

    - Use a light/cool steamer while gown is on hanger, or gently cool iron

    - Avoid heat, as it will damage the material

    - We are not responsible for any damage caused as a result of washing or removing wrinkles

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